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What Makes a Great Industry Event?


tradeshow image mediumAs an exhibitor, I find that a great event contains a couple of key elements.  I am most interested in not only creating awareness for the company brand, but also generating leads and adding contacts to our database.

We all know that the more exposure your brand gets, the more recognition you have in your target’s eyes.  Most event organizers will allow you, as a Sponsor, to add your logo to their website and/or develop signage at the event itself to create brand awareness.  Some organizers, though, will actually assist in promoting your company during a session pertaining to your product or solution, to help draw booth traffic.  My colleague, Patrick, found a session at the SCM Logistics World event held in Singapore that was relevant and pertained specifically to our target audience.  He then asked the organizers to promote our contest at the conclusion of the session.  This will encourage contacts to visit our booth and drop their business card for a chance to win at our drawing.  This tactic will help create awareness for ModusLink, as well as provide an opportunity to acquire new contacts to speak to at our booth.

Adding contacts to your database and generating leads is why we spend the extra cost on exhibiting.  Events that assist with this task make it all the easier.  I particularly like choosing those events that will guarantee a number of meetings set-up on your behalf, either at your booth or in a separate meeting room.  It is extremely difficult to receive a complete list of attendees well enough in advance to try and effectively cold call for appointment setting.  By adding guaranteed meetings to your contract, a lot of the time and effort can be eliminated.  Highly targeted meetings set-up ahead of time increases the chance of you walking away with highly qualified leads.  By setting up the time in advance to speak to an individual and hear their specific pain points, I feel it is an ideal way to convey your message and solutions to a potential client.  It isn’t always an easy task to do while networking during a break.   

So when you are looking for an event to participate in, try and look for those that not only speak to your target audience, but also assist you in reaching those targets easily and effectively.  Be creative and don’t be shy in your requests.



Nice piece - I agree that finding value at an event is important, but very often it's the pre-event work that makes the difference. Whether it's engaging the right media partner, promoting your attendance at the event via social networks or briefing your PR agency to drive awareness - it can go a long way to making the event day more successful. Keep up the good posts!
Posted @ Thursday, October 04, 2012 8:08 AM by Ben Munroe
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