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Celebrate Earth Day with a Sustainable Value Chain


The following guest blog post was written by Bill McLennan, President, Global Operations for ModusLink.

Earth DayOn this 41st anniversary of Earth Day, I think back to the first Earth Day which took place in the U.S. in 1970.  That event served in many ways as a catalyst for the creation of environmental organizations and regulations like the Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts. Today, the movement towards environmentally friendly practices spans the globe. Throughout my career, I have seen corporate social responsibility grow as awareness and involvement in sustainable practices increase.  Both formal regulation of industry as well as consumer awareness have driven companies to change the way they manufacture and market their products.

Environmental responsibility is an issue that ModusLink takes seriously, not just on Earth Day, but every day of the year. We are committed to helping our clients move toward sustainable value chain solutions. Through services such as sustainable packaging redesign, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprinting, optimized configuration, recycling and asset disposition, our goal is to provide clients with environmentally sound processes and materials that will result in a more flexible and cost-effective value chain.

ModusLink’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility runs deeper than just the services and solutions we provide. This responsibility starts from within our corporate belief system and culture, and is driving us to examine our own suppliers, materials, operations and workplace processes.

To support this commitment, and help take it to another level, ModusLink is now an Applicant Member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), an organization dedicated to improving social, economic, and environmental outcomes for all stakeholders in the electronics industry. This membership gives us the opportunity to participate in exclusive meetings, workshops and events that will help improve our corporate social responsibility efforts and the solutions and services we develop for our clients. ModusLink is progressively conforming to the EICC code of conduct and will apply this code to first-tier suppliers, where applicable. In addition, we are leveraging EICC’s tools and approach to the best of our ability, in support of the organization’s vision.

Dedication to organizations such as the EICC will help ModusLink uphold its commitment to environmental responsibility in new, exciting and progressive ways. Further, as our sustainable solutions continue to evolve, we will always grow our social and environmental standards from within.

What drives your company to be more environmentally sound? Do these practices start from within your organization? We encourage you to share.



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