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Are there Halloween Horrors in your Value Chain?


Halloween PumpkinsTop 10 signs that your value chain may include some horrors this Halloween

10. Your distribution center manager has presented a plan for a Halloween bonfire as the best way to shift the mountain of excess inventory that you have on hand.

9. Your head of sales and marketing is prepared to endorse this plan.

8. Despite having a warehouse full of inventory, you still find yourself chartering aircraft to expedite shipment from China of the product SKUs that your retail customers did actually order in time for the holiday season.

7. Your collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) program is being described internally as the FUBAR (Fouled up Beyond All Recognition) program (with apologies for the use of this military term).

6. You find yourself re-working the dads and grads inventory with ‘trick or treat’ stickers.

5.  Your customer order team is only scheduled to work the last six hours of the quarter when you receive 90 percent of your orders at a heavily discounted rate.

4. Your Halloween shipments have a greater than 20percent chance of being returned in time for Thanksgiving.

3.  Once they are returned it takes you a further six months to get agreement on a satisfactory disposition.  

2. Your field service team has developed a lucrative sideline carving Jack-O-Lanterns, while waiting for out-of-stock service parts.

1. Your planning manager has been seen using a Ouija board as a forecast tool.

If you recognize elements of your value chain, be prepared for a very scary time in the weeks ahead.   Feel free to add your own signs to the top 10.




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